• Clifford Paulick



    1. pretty UI and display output, including customizing colors
    2. can import/export using the default WordPress tool (but they don’t show/tell you that and their helpdesk does not have an article about it)
    3. many link management plugins don’t seem to be maintained regularly, but this one is.


    1. it’s not “smart” when importing an affiliate link, always preferring the shortest possible URL slug. For example, it imports a ShareASale link as mysite/go/shareasale — um, no!
    2. no way to view more than 10 links at a time in the Dashboard’s list (not even in Screen Options) even though the font size is huge. I’d like to see more of a typical Media Library list view with the ability to customize how many display at a time
    3. search/replace (find/update) does not work in free version, only paid version. Seems a fairly simple expectation for a link manager. Basically not recommended to use the free version at all. The paid version is a nice upgrade, although it’s prohibitively pricey per site if you’re just getting started with affiliate earnings.
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