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  • I’ve been an aficionado of Fail2ban for nigh on a decade. Whilst I have WordFence installed there are times when blocking would-be-intruders earlier than WordFence gets to is preferable.

    Enter WP Fail2ban.

    Documentation needs a mug or two to read through. I’ve been working, as a developer, with WordPress for nigh on twelve years now and even I got a bit “does he mean….?” during reading the config advice.

    Pro Tip: You really do need to read the online manual if things aren’t working for you. My installation worked first time (Debian 10, Apache2, WordPress 5.5, early release of Fail2ban 0.11.1 )

    Bonus: author is responsive to comments and feedback (I spotted a problem with the documentation, which has been addressed).

    Cons: the “oh do please buy the pro version” and “WP2F2B has been improved!” repetitive messages & flags is a bit of a pain in the ass (and quite frankly comes across a little bit amature). Re the price for “pro” – I looked at the cost of the pro version and I think the author needs to have a re-think about what this app really offers and what’s it’s worth in money. Compared with, say, the cost of an annual WordFence license I don’t think it compares.

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