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  • hi, I AM A DISABLED SENIOR AND SINCE THE PLUGIN, I AM LOCKED OUT OF MY BLOG whattodowhiletheplanetdies.WORDPRESS.ORG (THATS NOT THE EXACT LINK, ITS DIFFERENT)i DON’T HAVE THE ORIGINAL EMAIL, AND SO I CAN’T CHANGE MY PAssWORD, WHICH IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE—–because i cabn’t log in with the new plug in.i downloaded the jetpacvk, but it won’t fasten itself to my blog—which i can’t get into it. i am so frustrated, i madfe a new blog called:WHATTODOWHILETHEPLANETDIESCUZIMLOCKEDOUTOFMYBLOGSHIT.WORDPRESS.ORG OR .COM

    I HAVE A VERY FUN BLOG of SATIRE, COMEDY,TRUE LIFE OF SENIORS,OF Eugene Oregon, college (university of Oregon)town,”gentrified,traffic,smog,organic-new-agers, GREENIES AND ENVIRONMENTALISTS(WHO DON’T ACTUALLY DO ENVIRONMENTAL THINGS)and i can’t let my poor blog dies, as wqord press locked me out.

    if word press refuses to open my blocked blog to me, i will ask this; how do i transfer my locked blog to another blog company,and takwe if off word press?? i want my blog back. PLEASE HELP ME. the irc chatroom no longer exists, i tried to get it.

    if word press refuses to help me, sandraminadotty, get into my own blog, then it will one will use it. at that point, i can ask some “web pirates”(who i know) how to get my blog back.they are EXPERT TECHIES. thery could very likely unlock my blog for me=—find my real password. since word press is breaking down, the support., and no longer wants or is able to help me get my blog unlocked, i could ask them.they are much more advanced techies than word press.

    —-or i will nfind tech help to get my blog taken off wordpress, transfered to another blog company, all of it.
    why not?HERE, you will let my blog DIES—AND NOW there’s no support—thank you. Sandraminadotty(i)

    Hello, I also have the same problem as “Bridavery”.
    From 2 days I can not upload images to WordPress.

    Today the problem has gotten worse,
    the “Media” tab on the roll does not work and
    and Google message appears:

    “Ugh, there was a problem when viewing
    of the web page, try again to load the page. ”

    I tried it with images .jpg and .png, but there is no difference.
    The “Media” tab is not available and continues to throw me out of the system.

    I turned off the plugin, but the problem is not solved.

    What can I do?
    Thank you.

    Original message:

    Ciao, anche io ho lo stesso problema di Bridavery.
    Da 2 giorni non riesco a caricare le immagini in WordPress.

    Oggi il problema è peggiorato,
    la scheda “Media” sul rotolo non funziona e
    e viene visualizzato il messaggio di Google:

    “Ugh, c’è stato un problema durante la visualizzazione
    della pagina web, provare di nuovo per caricare la pagina. ”

    Ho provato con immagini .jpg e .png, ma non vi è alcuna differenza.
    La scheda “Media” non è disponibile e continua a buttarmi fuori dal sistema.

    Ho spento il plugin, ma il problema non è risolto.

    Cosa posso fare?

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