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  • I don’t know how to describe this issue, this one is a bizarre one which I have ever encounter in past few months.
    So, long story short, I have this page which gets updated every once in a while, not too frequent, I have auto back setup for my database and all.

    This is the site:

    Recently, I wanted to add a custom post type entry of a commercial I worked on, it was under the custom post I called ‘Project’, so I give the project a name, add an image and append some texts for description, right after I add those texts and press the ‘Publish’ button the page takes me to the famous ‘this is embarrassing’ page. It never been this way before, I always added new posts, post type etc. and updated them; things would work just fine.

    Now, the bizarre part I promised, after few attempts of ‘Updating’ the post (where it keeps taking me to the embarrassing page), all of a sudden the site won’t show up! Like its vanished in thin air, the Chrome will complaint the connection is interrupted and Firefox will either tell “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading” or just be looking for a connection to happen indefinitely.

    Followup: Now, initially I thought my hosting provider had screwed it up, then after couple of days, they have confirmed me it’s my ISP, who is blocking the site, which means it is getting blacklisted! Hence, the site won’t show up. So, this guy from the hosting requested my ISP to take the ban out and they did, this time I tried to edit the posts more carefully, my WordPress was not upgraded to the final version, I upgraded it, also the five plugins I use most often. After polishing up the entire Dashboard, I keep getting the same error while trying to add those text in a post, so officially, I no longer can publish any new posts?! This is outrageous! I mean I keep getting banned from my ISP and they unban me for what reason? Since it’s beyond their primate knowledge what has have happened to my site, my hosting provider has given it up, the ISP is busy trying to unban my site and I am busy getting banned or blacklisted trying to add a mare post for my portfolio.

    Can any noble and kind soul would be able to tell me what I am doing wrong and what shall be done to avoid this ’embarrassing’ nightmare?

    Shoeb Mohammad

    PS: I am currently banned for viewing my own website published on wordpress, possibly you guys can take a look at it?

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