• I use WordPress’ built in “Press This” feature quite a lot.

    I recently installed a new professional paid theme for my site, and for whatever reason this broke the normal behavior of “Press This” in the following way:

    – It used to be that after clicking the “Publish” button in the “Press This” editor, the post would be published, and you would then be redirected to its permalink inside the same window.

    – Now what happens is that instead of being redirected to the post’s Permalink, I get redirected to a Querystring URL in the following format:

    I tried looking into it myself, but I have very limited knowledge in php/javascript/ajax programming, and there is very little detailed documentation on how “Press This” works.

    I also contacted the theme developer, but he said he didn’t know what about his theme could have caused this issue with “Press This”, and that he “doesn’t offer support for plugin conflicts”.

    Can anyone who knows how “Press This” works help me figure this out? 🙁
    I might be able to figure it out myself eventually if I spend the next WEEK on it, but I figured for someone “in the know” this would probably be quite easy.

    Thank you!!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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