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  • I’m wondering if there’s a way to downsize images that are sucked in via ‘Press This’?

    I’m building an sort of online collection of found images / text, and each page consists mostly of 40 or so 265px wide images.

    It’s really made to be used with Press This for ease and speed of posting cool stuff as you see it. However, I’m noticing that I don’t see a way to control the image sizes that are actually uploaded to my server (like you can a normal post, Med, Large, Full, etc…)

    Is there a way to do this?

    Most of the images are much larger than needed, and while I have them resized down via CSS, I’m still loading 40 larger-than-they-need-to-be files.

    Looking for something specific to Press This, or specific to a category. I don’t want to resize/limit ALL content on my site 🙂


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  • EDIT OK — Rephrasing question:

    Press This DOES resize the images. Duh.

    How do you get the posts that are published to post one of the pre-defined image sizes? As in, how do I get it to always post the medium version of said images?

    This is dead simple in normal publishing, can’t seem to figure it out with Press This.



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