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  1. reedy1985
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    I hope that someone can help me as I am new to wordpress.

    I am having trouble with the "Press This" bookmarklet... it loads fine and posts to my site as it should, however when it loads it does not have a Rich Text Editor for formatting the post.

    It shows the Title section, the "Publish", "Categories" and "Post Tags" boxes but when it comes to the main body of the post... it shows the "Add" images and video but the box under that where the main content goes looks like a blank textarea (does not have any kind of text editor).

    As well as this When I select to add an image all the images show in the "Press This" pop-up as it should but when I select one and try to "insert" it nothing happens.

    Oh and I dont know if it is important but I am using the FCKeditor plugin on the website (this seems to be working fine in the admin area).

    I would be very greatful for any help that you provide as otherwise wordpress is working excellently.

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