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  • (FF 3.0.11 and 3.5)

    the Press This bookmarklet brings up a page where the editor is using white text on a white background. if you select the text in the editor, you can see there is text in the box, but the font color of the unselected text is white.

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  • I’m seeing that as well. 3.5.1, WP 2.8.1 – just tried it and it showed up as black text on white background and then a moment later it shifted to white text on white background.


    What about the indents? I hate it. I just hope to have the basic functionalities with “Press This”.

    Can we get a fix for this PLEASE? Very disappointing that it has yet to be addressed…

    still waiting for this to be addressed… Surprised it’s not a higher priority.



    I’m also waiting for some answer.

    I tried every solution I found. I tried different browsers, clearing the cache, changing the press_this.php file… nothing works.

    What is really annoying is that I had no reason at all to upgrade except that everywhere I looked there was a “Upgrade to 2.8.6” button that wouldn’t disappear.

    So wanting to get rid of the damn thing I upgraded, only to be greeted by a white text/white background problem.

    So far whenever I had a problem with wordpress (and b2 a long long time ago) I found solutions rather easily. This seems to be an exception.

    I cannot use wordpress like this and to be honest I’m quite disappointed. Did not expect this from wordpress.

    Can we PLEASE get a fix on this bug?!

    Any idea when this will be fixed.. what a pain!

    seems to be fixed in 2.9

    fixed for me in 2.9, but now posts made with Press This refuse to actually show up on my blog unless i follow the following sequence:

    1. Press This
    2. Compose the post
    3. Publish it
    4. Edit it
    5. Press “Update” (don’t have to change anything, just press Update)

    otherwise, they simply never appear.

    FYI… i think my problem might be caused by the MiniPosts2 plugin, which apparently doesn’t like the way posts get created with the Press This thing.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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