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    Very pleased to see the return of the bookmarklet, but it’s behaving very erratically for me (in FF3.0, Mac). Most of the time, it isn’t doing anything at all, but once in a while, it does actually open the pop up window and do its thing. Just now, it seems to be working if I hit it from this forum page, over and over again. But if I navigate elsewhere, it does nothing. I come back here, and it works again.

    I’ve noticed that Firefox is replacing the spaces in the bookmarklet code with %20s, which may be the cause of the problem, but I don’t know how or whether I can stop FF from doing that, and I doubt it would be a desirable thing to change in any case.

    BTW, I still have the old bookmarklet in my toolbar, and that still works as it always did…

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  • Yes, I’ve had the similar problems with spaces; though it doesn’t seem to be consistent.

    For example: the page about WordPress 2.6 came out as
    “WordPress › Blog » WordPress 2.6”
    But the BBC homepage worked fine “BBC – Homepage”

    I think that I’ll stick to the old for the time being.

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