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  • How can we achieve the same function (or better) without using “Press This”?

    Why is there no “WordPress Webclipper” / “Clip to WordPress”?
    It could be a plugin for WordPress that operates via bookmarklet like “Press This” did, or it could be a browser plugin like Evernote Webclipper.
    Why does no such tool exist?

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  • Who says it doesn’t exist?

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    Cool. And yet: Removed from WP Plugins…

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    No, not removed. It’s right here:

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    Thanks. If you search for “Press This”, it’s on page ___, not the first page and i think not the 2nd page either. That’s why I couldn’t find it.

    It hasn’t been updated for years – maybe there’s no need – but it hasn’t been tested for compatibility with the current version of WP. (It does work.) If it was tested for compatibility, it would be the top search result.

    If anyone reading wants to improve upon Press This, please do. I want to be able to paste long articles and their comments and then edit them down to excerpts. I much prefer that to copying and pasting individual excerpts, especially when I want to preserve formatting (to whatever degree possible) (especially important for example between facebook comments). I think Press This’s 5000 character limit exists to reduce plagiarism / just copying posts from other sites. I want to believe there’s a way to achieve that goal without doing what it does now – preventing efficient workflow.

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