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  • ntatschner


    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for reading.

    I am having some issues with the PressThis(possiblly otherThickBox usage areas) Ajax ThickBox bundled plugin(?).

    Basically when I select a page I would like to use the PressThis tool in I click the link and it brings up the PressThis window with the auto generated Tile and link and when I select add image and it brings up the ons’s it has found on the selected page I click the image I want to use and it brings up the ThickBox pop up thing but the box is empty and does not have the Add image link or the image its self.

    This was working a wile ago, but now is broken. I have tried re-installing WP and removing all add-ons to no avail.

    its worth noting that I have recently migrated from one server to another, how every everything stayed the same apart from the internal folder structure of the hosting provider which I edited in the media screen.

    If some one can understand what I mean and has a answer I would be very thankful.

    Kind Regards

    Nigel Tatschner

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