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  • I was wondering if any mac users out there were interested in a Press It widget for their Mac OS X Tiger dashboard. I was thinking of making one for myself and wondered if anyone else thought it’s a good idea. It probably wouldn’t be that hard…

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  • You mean so you could Blog to wordpress from Dashboard? That would be great! Keep me updated with that!

    exactly! I’ll keep everyone updated from this thread, i guess 🙂

    Care to include a copy of Tiger with it?? 😉

    Moderator James Huff


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    There is a similar a widget for the Blogger API, which is what WordPress uses, here:

    But, a WordPress-only one wouldn’t hurt.

    whoa, that works seamlessly already. It’s great! However, it doesn’t look great and I could make it more WordPress-y. I’ll try porting that to wordpress-only. Nice pointer, macmanx!

    Eh, it seems that Dashblog is perfect. For a quick tutorial:

    Setup for WordPress:

    Blog Type = Self-run via BloggerAPI
    API URL =
    User Name = *Your User Name*
    Password = *Your Password*
    Leave Form Open = *Whatever you desire*

    That should get you blogging from your OS X dashboard to your WordPress blog! Woohoo

    Also, a quick tip: if you want all of your posts to go into a specific category (wordpress’s default takes you to ‘general’), then go to your xmlrpc.php file in your wordpress root, and right near the top (line 13), it allows you to establish a default category. Default is:

    $post_default_category = 1;

    You can change that by putting changing ‘1’ to the ID of your preferred category. If you don’t know what the ID is, go to Admin Panel > Manage > Categories, and look for the ID.


    Are there any *other* blogging widgets available for WordPress?

    Nope, not that I know of…but I was considering developing my own based on this one. Why, is there anything you particularly dislike or something?

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    It looks like there’s a new kid on the block. RapidMetaBlog (Mac OS X Dashboard Widget):

    I developed a *WordPress Only* widget based off DashBlog and was wondering if was worth sharing with other WordPress users. (and where to release it… )

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    Excellent! That is definitely worth sharing (though some may ask if you wouldn’t mind porting it to other blogging platforms as well).

    If I were you, I would host it on my site and release/announce it here in these forums, and at the following locations: (Don’t ask me why we have two of these, they’ll probably be combined in a later date.)

    Yeah, that would be perfect to get a widget optimized for WordPress.
    I tried the RapidMetaBlog, but being a newbie, I can’t figure out what to put as “Publish URL”.

    I tried to find info on this in descriptions of the MetaWeblog API description, but didn’t find anything to make sense of.

    Anyways, being able to write quick posts from the widget would be great.

    So, please, either post your own widget or, if this is easier and faster, maybe someone could tell me how to use RapidMetaBlog in conjunction with WordPress.

    Ok the Publish URL is the xmlrpc.php uri. (uhh…what?) The xmlrpc file is in the root of your wordpress folder (the main folder)

    So, if my blog were , then my Publish URL would be … that should get you started, I really like that widget as well..

    Works perfectly ! Thanks – I never stop to be amazed by what’s possible with a bit of open source , even for a newbie.

    btw, retrieval of categories works as well with the widget….

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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