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  • Recommendation: Go ahead and strip the administrative stuff at the top of the window. It’s really not necessary.

    Problem: Instead of the pop-up I think you’re supposed to get, you get sent to a new page. Also, the title of the page being posted about appears in the title field. For example: “WordPress20E280BA20Requests20and- 20Feedback20C2AB20WordPress20Support” (Note the other problem. 🙂 )

    Machine: Macintosh G3
    OS: 9.2 (opaque iMac, can’t install OSX)
    Browser: Netscape 7

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  • The default action of the press-it does indeed take you a write post page, not a pop-up as in 1.5. I also prefer the pop up, so I can easily reference the site I’m linking to. As it is now, I have to go and open a new tab with the link, or more often, simply not use the press it feature.

    Oh, and I have OS X.3.9 running on a rev B imac, so all you need is more RAM.

    OT: Maxed out on RAM. Beast is just too old for OSX. It’s essentially a laptop popped into an iMac box. 🙂 /OT

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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