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    Is it possible to save presets for any Elementor element (including third party packs), or just the default elements?

    Is it possible to have custom element preset data saved locally, rather than on your servers?
    I realise the pre-made styles need to be stored in the cloud, but it’d be my preference to have presets that I’ve made to be stored locally rather than on an external server.

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    Also, do presets include any custom css on the element?

    Gulhan Gulez


    Hi @cunnningstunts

    1- For now, we support only Raven, Elementor and Elementor Pro but very soon we will support Jet Elements as well.

    2- Sorry, we do not use local for custom presets. WunderWP keeps the data on server and this is one of the cool features of the plugin. It helps you use the custom presets for your other websites and saves your time.

    3- Preset data contains only style based control settings. There are some valid reasons for this. The most important one is a css code that works for your website might not work as expected and, moreover, may cause conflict for an other website.

    Please let us know if is there anything else that we can help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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