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  • Hey gang,

    I have migrated my entire MT blog to WP, worked great, but I want to reconstruct the same URL structure I had before (otherwise all my internal and extenral links will break!)

    Worst case scenario I can create a massive htaccess redirect system, but I’d much rather recreate the same structure.

    1) I want to use the first XX characters of the title of the post as the main part of the URL. Where do i go to work this out?
    2) I want all the individual pages to be in a directory called /pages
    3) In MT there was a handy field called “basename” which you could use to overrite the first XX character rule in the event the title was not clear – is there something like this in WP?


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  • hmmm…
    wordpress uses permalinks
    review and see what you can do

    Excellent, that’s what I was looking for, but couldn’t find it. Two questions:

    1) Are you aware of any “basename” style plugin that would allow a user to over-write the default settings in the event that they used an obscure title and wanted something different for the URL

    2) How does word press handle duplicate titled entries? ie – lets say I use the following custom permalink setting:


    And I proceed to have two entries in the same category with exactly the same title. What happens?

    Finally – 2 bonus questions – can I limit the number of characters that come from %postname% ? ie – lets say I only want my URLs to be 50 characters long so I want it to cut off at a point. Also – how does %postname% convert spaces? Can I specifcy underscores, hyphens, etc… ?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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