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  • Hi all,

    I’m hoping someone can help. I’m getting kinda desperate at this stage. I’ve been searching the web for a detailed step-by-step on this one issue and I’m shocked that I can only find a minimal amount of information on this.

    I’ve finally made the move to WordPress, but I have a hugely important issue with my current PHP based site. Since we have amazing SEO and placement in Google, I have hundreds of urls that I need to preserve within the new WordPress site. If these get wiped out, it’ll be two years of work down the drain and we’ll lose our entire search based traffic. I have a successful PHP site and most pages appear/get indexed on the first page of Google in each relevant term(s).

    I’m really in a bind here… Am I looking at a situation where the only way to preserve the urls is to have the current site existing behind the new WordPress site with an old design? If I transfer current content into the WordPress site, I know that won’t work either. Is this a permalink issue, redirect, etc?

    Can anyone give me their best advice on this, or a few options? I’m thinking any successful site making the leap to WordPress with a lot of pages would run into this.

    Thanks very much in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Unless somebody knows what was the structure of the URLs on your old site and how do you plan to set up the new (WP based) site – nobody will be able to say anything.
    Some transitions are simple, others are not.
    Custom .htaccess 301 redirects might help.

    Thanks, moshu…

    For every current page, the URls are structured like this…


    The new structure would be similar to…


    They’re not too far off in structure, so I guess I’m wonder if I’d be taking all of the content from the existing pages, transferring them into new WP pages, keep the current/old pages on the server and use .htaccess 301 redirects? I’m worried how that would affect our ranking/placement in Google… I can’t see it being a duplicate content issue since both urls would be pointing to one piece of content.

    For starters: 301 redirect means you do NOT keep the old pages… 301 = moved permanently! That’s what the redirect is telling to the search engines.
    Experts say that’s the whole idea of the 301 redirect: to not lose the ranking… but don’t quote me!

    It is a bigger question HOW do you plan to “transfer” all your content.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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