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    I use a customized file for custom quicktags on the post creation page. After each automatic upgrade I have to ftp the old one back up to replace the default.

    Does anyone know a way to either preserve a file (quicktags.js in the wp-includes folder) during an upgrade, or reference the file from another location?

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    tsk, tsk!! the answer is to not edit core files. 😛

    now that i think about it though it seems to me that used to be one of those files that you could have another copy of and call, like you said, from that other location.. way back when…

    On a completely unrelated note __ I bow to your 5 years on the forums. Although Ive got you owned in activity, its nice to see someone else with substantial longevity around here. 8)

    Yeah it was one of the ones that Podz used to have an editing guide for back in the day.. I have managed to turn up a few quicktag customising plugins so will see if I can extend one of those. Time to relearn my coding!

    Wow – didn’t realise it is exactly 5 years since I signed up – things have come a fair way since version 0.7.2! I should try and help out here more like I used to but I am not as au-fait with WP as I used to be!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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