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    +1 !

    Just noticed this bug – pretty sure older versions didn’t have this issue.

    <a class="test" href=""> gets mangled to
    <a class="mailto-link"...

    However, title and other params are preserved. Removing the mailto-link from the settings page doesn’t help.

    Great plugin – hope this is a simple fix.




    Currently there is a bug that require fixing in the trac, and the buttons styles are not working now on bootstrap. Thanks for reporting, I encountered this too.

    As a workaround, mainly we could try have a parent class that references the child “mailto-link” classes in our custom css to resolve this in the meantime.

    <div class="parent-style-classes">

    Good point. It’s on the list.




    Any chance of a fix on this? Shouldn’t be too hard to grep the existing class attribute and append to the mailto-link?

    Right now i’m having to use a javascript workaround to keep my classes but this would really help.

    Also plugin seems to work on in WP 4.2.2 so maybe update the compatibility tag too?


    Fixed in version 1.4.1



    Sweet – thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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