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  • I wish to display RSS feeds, from other blogs, in the sidebar. I’m using WP2.0.2 and have spent much of the day trying to get InlineRSS to work. Neith it nor any of the other RSS plug-ins appear to support WP2.0 officially.

    Why is it so complicated? Isn’t there a sidebar.php with RSS display already incorporated? I’m on the verge of giving up with WP – it’s incredibly old fashioned. I’m used to web2.0 services like netvibes where adding an RSS feed takes 30 seconds.

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  • The CURRENT version of CG-FeedRead is certainly up to the task (albeit ‘old fashioned’!), and has been used by folks over the past two years for exactly that functionality. (The next version will add a slightly simpler approach, and an admin panel, but it’s not ready for primetime). And it works with WP2.

    You just need to download the CG-PowerPack
    (I have a ton of plugins that ‘share’ core helper code, so I package them together) and follow the main install instructions and the CG-FeedRead specific docs.

    Once installed (a few steps copying files up to the server, and making sure the cache directory is writeable), the doc should be sufficient to get you up and running. If not, it takes me a whole 30s to add a feed myself…


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