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  1. petersig
    Posted 10 years ago #

    With the help of the Themes forum, I have learned a lot, and managed to modify Kubrick to do what I wanted--mostly. So here I'm giving back a bit.

    I use Netscape 7.2 (not 8.x) because of its View/Text Zoom, a feature that allows me to specify exactly the size of text that is most comfortable for my eyesight and glasses. A setting of 135% is most comfortable to me.
    That means I'm more aware of how themes look when magnified. When I modified Kubrick, I played around with the Masthead and css so that the theme __now__ looks good at 200% magnification. It also looks good in IE 5.5 increased sizes (I'm running Win2k, hence no IE 6.x).

    If anyone's interested in checking out the code mods, the theme is here.

    Only problem: IE displays "Times New Roman" for the text of posts, which I want. Netscape 7.2 displays ?Arial or ?Verdana, which I don't want.

    Thanks, all.

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