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[Resolved] Presentation/home page

  • I have several problems that I can’t figure out, and I’m betting they’re related:

    1) Somehow I’ve lost the “Home” page tab on the presentation page. In Parabola settings, I have enabled the Presentation Page option. When you type in my site URL: http://www.awakenedlives.com, this is the landing page. But once you navigate away from that page, there is no way to return via the menu. And in Menus, I don’t see any way to set the Presentation Page as Home.

    2) Do the Parabola Settings over-ride the WordPress “Reading” settings, which enable you to name a static home page?

    3) The landing page on mobile device (using the “mobile site” setting) is not the presentation page – it goes to one of my blog categories. I need it to land on the presentation page.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi Lin

    Have you resolved 1) as it seems to have a home tab now and returned to the landing page, I was going to suggest that clicking on the logo normally returns you to the presentation page.



    @jim, thanks. I’ve finally figure out that in Menu settings, “Home” had become unchecked for some reason and needed to be added back in to the menu. So my “Home” tab is back in the menu.

    However, I still have the issue with the mobile devices’ landing page (using the mobile site option, not the full site option) going to my posts, beginning with the most recent. And when I click on “Menu” on a mobile device, the menu items do not match up completely with my full site version. In fact, they show pages that I don’t even had set up as being visible in “Menus”.

    Hi Lin

    I’m pleased you managed to sort it, very strange why it should remove itself!

    Not sure I can be of much further help.

    I don’t have a mobile device so can’t really comment, probably though I’d double check the Static page setting within Customize to make sure that’s set as expected. Have you only got the one menu created?



    Hi Lin

    I just checked using http://mobiletest.me/ and all looked OK from my end, menus seemed match full site.


    Hi Jim,

    I confess to being a bit confused about how Customize integrates with Parabola. If I try to set a static front page via Customize, there is no option to set it as the Presentation page. This appears to be partially related to what is showing up on cell phones.

    Hi Lin

    I get confused too, I just have the Static front page so both options are on -select- and then use the Your Latest Posts option. I did play around by having a different front page a while back, but decided to just leave well alone! 🙂


    Thanks for your input Jim 🙂 The state of Confusion now has at least two residents!

    Whatever my static front page is set to is what shows up on a mobile device (mobile site), as opposed to the Presentation Page. And I still can’t figure out where the menu items (on the mobile site) come from. Perhaps I’m missing something.

    Let’s see if anyone else weighs in about this. It’s not completely resolved yet for me since the mobile site issues remain.


    I’m going to mark this topic as resolved and start a new thread on just the mobile site issue since this thread topic doesn’t really describe that lingering issue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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