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  • Boone and Team,

    I have installed your plugin on a site under development at My site is a book based site and we use our plugin to provide book ratings.

    My question is how can we change the location of the star rating (perhaps use a shortcode?), how to make the star rating linkable so a reader can click on it and go to the review panel, and how to put the number of ratings on a separate line than the star rating — so it appears below the stars, for example (we currently have it disabled to protect the aesthetics, but I’d love to have it back).

    Thanks for the great plugin — it really does solve a number of problems for us and I hope we can iron these last few issues out before we go live.


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  • Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Hi Robmcclel –

    The way the plugin is currently constructed, the best way to modify the appearance of the review as it appears in the group header is to unhook the BPGR functions and provide your own versions. In bp-group-reviews/includes/templatetags.php, you’ll see an add_action() call right near the top. Unhook that in your own plugin/theme:

    remove_action( 'bp_group_header_meta', 'bpgr_render_review' );

    Then, copy the following functions into your theme, and add an additional prefix to them to make sure that there’s no conflict:

    In each of the copied functions, change references to the other copied functions accordingly. Eg,

    function digitalcomic_bpgr_render_review() {
        // etc etc etc
        <span class="rating"><?php echo digitalcomic_bpgr_review_html() ?></span>

    Then, make all of your necessary changes in your version of bpgr_get_plugin_rating_html(), which is the function responsible for building the markup.

    Finally, hook your function back where my function used to be:

    add_action( 'bp_group_header_meta', 'digitalcomic_bpgr_render_review' );

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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