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  • Hi all,

    I’m just doing some research around to find the best approach to achieve the following:

    Need to setup a “portal” where preschool teachers can add a post and share it with specific usergroups or even just a user (parent) or public, which the parent, could log onto the same portal, “user type parent?”, and on the blog page, only sees public posts and whatever was shared with (school->”usergroup?”, private “only himself or public “available to all schools”). So, basically, a teacher for school A, add a post that might contain a PDF that the parent can open/save etc… and only makes it visible for Parent->123. On school B, teacher adds a new post, makes it available only for school B etc…

    If you guys get the picture… I’ve got a couple of plugins that might do the trick with a big of template coding, just thought to ask around and rear from you guys what your thoughts are. Should I just go with WP and the plugin/template coding? do you guys know any plugins that might achieve the same result without much hassle? or should I use Buddypress/WP Symposium to achieve this?

    P.S. thought about using WP-Members plugin with maybe Members for role management?

    Thanks in advance

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