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  • paz2222



    I’m interested in buying this plugin for my knowledgebase/support website.

    I want it to look very similar to your own Support page, with a vertical menu on the side: link

    Does the menu support any post type? Will it work with any kind of knowledgebase template, like this one?

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  • Plugin Author megamenu


    Hi paz,

    MMM supports the same post types as the default WordPress menu system.

    The knowledgebase you’ve linked to is a complete theme, so it would be best to use the menu system that’s built into the theme.

    The knowledgebase I’m using is Heroic Knowledge Base, and the template is custom (displaying an accordion menu using a widget within a custom sidebar).




    I also had a presale question that is vital in my decision to buy.

    With over 100 sites, I want to be able to import/export all settings/menus COMPLETELY over to other sites in their entirety.

    Is this possible with MM?

    This would be a *huge* timesaver for me not having to do multiple menu setups over & over again.

    Basically like cloning them across sites.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Plugin Author megamenu


    Hi m0narch,

    It’s not possible at the moment sorry. It’s a complex task which I’m looking to outsource as a completely standalone “MMM Importer/Exporter” plugin.

    Maybe you can help with some sticking points:
    If you have pages in the exported menu that don’t exist on the destination site, what do you think should happen? (Should those pages be created automatically?)
    What should happen if you export instances of widgets from the source site that aren’t installed on the destination site?

    (these are just some of the problems with importing/exporting data that relies on other data being present in the destination database)




    a) – Yes
    b) – I think this is up to the user and their talent. In my case, I would create a raw skeleton menu to export, without the e.g., categories, tags, extra stuff, etc. so that I have a template kind of environment, and only *then* would I finalize the final menu according to the site it is on.

    Kind of like a template, which would save a lot of time that would only require fine-tuning to the next site.

    I hope this makes sense.

    thanks for your reply.

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