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    I’m using this plugin with Full WAF mode under Litespeed web server. All ok.

    But i want to also continue to use an other php script (CIDRAM) to block IPs. I have tried to do so with .htninja but it doesn’t work right. It makes my admin dashboard unusable with all kind of errors.

    Maybe i’m doing some thing wrong ?

    The .htninja is

    // Prepend CIDRAM for domain:
       require ('/home/cidram/loader.php');
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    Did you check the PHP error log, that would tell you why you have a problem?
    I would not load another external application before the firewall. Instead, add it to the wp-content/nfwlog/ninjafirewall.php loader, and after the lines loading the firewall. That way, your application will be loaded after NinjaFirewall, but before WordPress.

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    There are no errors recorded.

    I will try your suggestion and update here.


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    Works fine with your suggestion. Thanks


    Discovered this support discussion via an alert (due to CIDRAM being mentioned). Just as a quick FYI: When running several different WAFs in conjunction (e.g., Ninja and CIDRAM together), if you need to load Ninja before CIDRAM, that shouldn’t negatively impact CIDRAM in any way at all. AFAIK, NinjaFirewall and CIDRAM should be able to play nicely together (i.e., AFAIK, there shouldn’t be any compatibility problems between the two, and CIDRAM doesn’t have any particular reason to be loaded before NinjaFirewall). But, if anyone encounters any such problems when running NinjaFirewall and CIDRAM in conjunction, I’d welcome them to let me know about it, so that I can look into it.

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