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    I created a new slider and added an HTML slide. The slide’s content is:

    <div id=”test”>test</div>

    On the page where the shortcode is, the following code is created but the slide is not displayed:

    <div class="flexslider ssp_slider_default" id="slider_4190" data-slider_id="4190">
    <ul class="slides ssp_slider wsp_default_skin">
      <li class="slide" data-thumb="" style="display: list-item;">
              <img class="slide_image" src="">

    Please help me to fix this problem. I paid (Order PLU140127-7671-71167)

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  • Problem solved.

    The Skin in Option was the Image skin instead of the HTML skin. But there is an error:

    If I choose HTML skin and try to add a slide, if I choose HTML as Slide Type, the WordPress editor is not displayed. I must update the slider before to see the changes.

    This last one is a bug. On the console, the error is:

    Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .slide# tr.slide_image

    The problem is here:

    $('.slide_type select').live('change', function() {
    image = $('.slide#' + $(this).data('id') + ' tr.slide_image' );
    html = $('.slide#' + $(this).data('id') + ' tr.slide_html' );

    and occurs because data-id is empty in the html code at run-time:

    <select data-id="" name="slides[3][type]"> <option value="image" selected="">IMAGE</option> <option value="html">HTML</option> </select>

    Instead is filled after the update (because you insert it on database, by creating a new id).

    The solution:

    $('.slide_type select').live('change', function() {
    		//image = $('.slide#' + $(this).data('id') + ' tr.slide_image' );
    		//html = $('.slide#' + $(this).data('id') + ' tr.slide_html' );
    		if ( $(this).val() == 'image' ) {
    		if ( $(this).val() == 'html' ) {
    Plugin Author Muneeb


    Thank you for pointing out this bug to me, I can’t say much here. The support for the pro version plugins is not allowed in the free plugin support forums. In future if you have any question please use link below for support. Also the order number is your private information you should not share it on public forums.

    Slider Plugin

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