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  • After installing default plugin, premium version is recommended to buy. That’s not a fair way to sell its plugins.

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  • Plugin Author Lee Willis



    The free version is fully functional, not time-limited, and doesn’t add nags or popups to the admin area beyond the banner which is present on the main plugin settings page. It can be used to replace all the same strings as the Pro version – so actually I think it’s a great deal and many people will be able to use the plugin – for-free – to do what they want.

    The Pro version does come with a number of additional features that make it easier and quicker to set up new replacements, for example String Discovery, and of course professional support. Both of these I think are well-worth the price in terms of potential time savings.

    I will always recommend the Pro version – but there’s nothing to suggest you *have* to buy the Pro version – if the free version works for you then that’s awesome!

    I’m sorry you feel the way you do, perhaps the above helps explain things.

    All the best.


    I have the same problem, inappix!
    There is no add new button hence no way to use the plugin!

    Plugin Author Lee Willis


    Hi Marius;

    I don’t think the original poster ever actually reported an issue with the plugin – just that he didn’t like the suggestion to upgrade to Pro. Certainly there’s no intention that the Free version wouldn’t work in the manner you’re suggesting.

    Here’s what I see on an installation of the free plugin. The “Add New” link is up near the heading:

    double #facepalm

    Patron: Where can I find a cart to place my groceries?

    Clerk: They’re kept right over here. Take one – they’re free.

    Patron: Thanks! Wait .. huh? There’s no wheels!

    Clerk: No worries; we offer that as a paid-for upgrade. You don’t really need it, though, as the free version will still hold your grocery items.

    Patron: triple #facePalm

    I think this is an excellent plugin. If you take the trouble to look over the documentation you will see what you need to look for in the source code. Sometimes it took me quiet a while to find the correct text domain, but when I did the plugin does its magic really well.

    A couple of examples: In the Woocommerce module, I didn’t like the large heading “Product Description” under the tab that was already marked “Description”. So I used this plugin to replace “Product Description” with nothing to make it disappear. Also replaced “Add to cart” with “Make it yours” “Related Products” to “Other suggestions” and other more appropriate text. I use the plugin for an artist’s website which often needs different text compared to a webshop selling mass produced products.
    If I was a professional web designer, I’d certainly go to the Pro version to save time, but since the number of plugins we use is limited, it doesn’t take long to find and replace the text strings that need changing.
    Thanks a million for this GREAT plugin Lee!

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