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  • derekcx


    Just taking my blogging a little further on. Starting with a new theme. And I plan to learn about hacking/custmising them.

    I am curious what the meaning behind the term ‘Premium’ as applied to themes is?

    Or is it just a term that means “We think it is good” I’ve done a bit of Googling, but nothing I can se as authoritiative.

    I have been curious why a few of what I think are nice Premuium themes are NOT in wordpress themes

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  • ameo02


    Premium themes usually are paid so they can’t be offered for download here in wordpress. However, there are some new news ahead, and you can easily download some of premium themes for free on
    or check some of them on

    Premium themes usually look good and have extended functionality.
    For example, you can add pictures in posts, and theme is widget aware.
    They can also have some kind of javascript in themself and that makes them cooler.



    Cool. Thanks. My impressions is that the term Premium is getting a bit devalued – there a few I found that are free, and downloading them they are a little below par.
    Hmm. “Looks good” eh. Subjective – but I know what you mean.
    I had already checked the revolutiontwo themes (Look good).
    To all theme developers: what I like is a page in the setup that enables user to set certain features in a page of settings. Maybe like a base colour, base font, Upload header image etc.

    But keep up the good work guys who do themes!! – D

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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