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    I have tried and tried to get a hold of support for the PREMIUM version of this plugin. Emails reply saying they’ll respond within 24 hours. One ticket has been open for 6 months. STill no response. Needing tickets filled for both and (bought it twice, should get my tickets answered).

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Yeah I can’t get help either. Hate it when you buy an addon and they do this. I’ll have to find another now.

    Me three. And I just renewed my license for another year, too : /

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    I have reported this plugin because this is a scam. To offer a paid version and not respond to support tickets or updates. When I go look at the free version I can see that it has recently been updated so I know someone is working on it, but yet they won’t update the paid version?

    Send a notice to, and explain the issue and demand that the plugin be removed. This is a scam to offer a paid plugin and not support it but keep taking people’s money.

    For people who have an entire site of recipes this is disturbing. I thought this was a top recipe program and used it for a few years and loved it. But when they stop support I’m nervous to use it much longer and I won’t update it for my new site at this point. So they are updating it but not responding which makes NO sense. Especially for us Premium users.


    Plugin Author Jayce53


    Hi folks,

    My apologies for the lack of support but I have been unable to work for the past 2 years due to some unexpected medical issues. I’m recovered now and back behind the desk, The plugin is definitely being maintained and supported!

    So sorry to hear about your health issues but we’re sure glad your back! I changed my domain name. Can I use the same license on my new one since it is still only on one site? I believe I may have tried and it didn’t work.

    My old domain was which is now down as we moved all our content to so it would still be only on one site.

    Here is my info:
    Nancy Rector
    License: 22d42ae26805922cbf923106f6a65cff
    Easy Recipe Plus

    Thank you!


    Separate issue, but you should probably remove the License key you have posted, since this is a public forum and ANYONE can see this, you are basically giving your license out to everyone else to use.

    Plugin Author Jayce53


    Hi Nancy,

    You can still use your existing license (although as @klongdesigns points out, it would be a good idea to edit your post and remove the key!).

    If you still have the old site active, de-active the license on that site, then you can re-activate it on the new site.

    If you don’t have the old site still active, send me a note and I’ll reset it at our end.

    Shoot… I wasn’t thinking and I can’t edit now. I can’t get into the old wordpress as everything forwards. Could you reset it for me please?
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Jayce53



    I’ve changed the license over to the new domain. It will only work for that domain so don’t worry about posting it here.

    You should find if you enter the license key on the EasyRecipe settings page and save, you should be able to activate it if it’s not already showing as active.

    Let me know if there are any problems.

    Worked great Jayce. Thank you so much for doing that for me.
    Nancy Ü

    Dear @jayce53,

    I’m glad to hear that you recovered from your medical issues and you are back on track!

    I am facing the same issue than Nancy. I activated the pluging on my development site and I can’t activate it on my final website now. Unfortunately, I have not access to my dev-site anymore.

    I have 2 open tickets (#4142 and #3523) about this issue on your support site.

    I would really aprreciate if you could help me to sort this out!

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards 🙂

    Plugin Author Jayce53


    Hi Jose,

    I’ve responded to those tickets and you should be good to go!

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