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  • This plugin (free version was perfect for what I needed) I would have been willing to purchase a premium version that was reasonably priced however…I updated the plugin only to find this message on my pages when I go to edit them saying I need to PAY to be able edit individual messages on the page now. This is something that is a BASIC feature. The default message honestly isn’t very professional either. I wouldn’t refer to my customers as “folks”. I know you can edit that out but when I updated the plugin I didnt realize my original messages would be removed and it caused major confusion for my customers who were accessing my site because the help messages I provided on the pages were WIPED OUT with the update. You basically stripped away the functionality you gave us to start with.

    I dont mind paying for the plugin I know as a developer you need to make money for your work but going on a subscription type of fee that is so HIGH is a bit ridiculous. Considering hosting for websites isn’t even $8 a month for me I cant justify that monthly for ONE single plugin for ONE site. Not only that but the single site license is $8.33 and billed ANNUALLY meaning I have to fork over $100 for a simple plugin. I dont even pay $100 a month for my webhosting. The pricing structure is simply outrageous for the type of features this plugin offers and $30 a MONTH if you need it for more than one site??? Again people are not even paying that for webhosting a month and there really isnt much to this plugin that justifies it. I could justify $60-80 one time fee or a cheaper yearly fee to keep it updated but I think your pricing structure is going to turn many people off from purchasing this. There are plugins that do this and MORE on codecanyon for a faction of the price and its a ONE TIME fee of $40 and you’re not much cheaper than woocommerces official membership plugin which restricts access to pages and offers content dripping and more for $150 single site.

    Is just disappointing to see basic features stripped away and then a really high pricing structure and Im sure I wont be the only one out off by it.

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  • Plugin Author Matt Pramschufer


    Hey missodessa,
    Thank you for taking the time to write a review. I really wish you would have simply reached out personally if you had issues with pricing.

    The free version of the plugin never allowed for editing the Restricted Content Message on a per page instance, that has always been a premium feature.

    When you upgraded none of your information should have been overwritten, especially not the default Restricted Content Message. If it was, then I am terribly sorry and would like to investigate that more as I have not had any other folks submit a bug report for that.

    Again, I never took away any features that were available in the free version, if anything I added a lot more features to the free version.

    As far as the concerns go for the premium plugin, I do not think the repository is the best place for that, this is for the free version of the plugin not for the premium version. If you do not feel that $100 a year is worth it to be able to easily sell your pages and posts, then so be it. I understand starting a business is tough and every penny matters, if you would have looked through the current reviews and support tickets, you will see that I am a pretty solid dude, if you would have come to me and stated your case I would more than likely would have given you a courtesy license for a year so you could get your business off the ground.

    I do hope you will reconsider your current one-star review and only review on what the free plugin has to offer and not on premium features/pricing.

    Thank you.

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    Matt, there is nothing here that is report worthy.

    As far as the concerns go for the premium plugin, I do not think the repository is the best place for that, this is for the free version of the plugin not for the premium version.

    That is not at all correct.

    You cannot support your customers here, but as you do upsell this plugin then that invites any user who purchased or is considering purchasing to leave a review about that experience.

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