• Hi All. Like may of you will do, i installed the FREE version of this plugin. It looked promising, so upgraded to Premium, HOWEVER. There are some big problems with the software and more importantly the trust of the company.
    Below is comparison of issues with free vs Premium.
    1) Has useful discount labels in the cart checkout, so users can see there is a x% discount.
    2) Cart discount does work.

    Premium VERSION:
    2) Cart discount does work.
    3) Bulk discounts can only be applied to individual products NOT a category products. Discount is only applied per product.

    1) There is no reason to upgrade. The Premium is worst than the FREE
    2) The so support started off of ok, however they never answered my questions, never fixed. Even after creating a duplicate staged version of my site for them to practice, test, fix.
    3) Its been 8 days, no reply, no refund, no communication.
    4) IN short. I have NO trust in this company or this product.
    5) I have contacted paypal to request a reasonable partial refund. Again ignoring all emails from me or Paypal. Dispute is ongoing, Paypal will adjudicate by the 3rd of September. All i wanted was the software to be fixed or a patial refund.
    I will update the forum / review later. So other users do not get caught out like i did.

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    This is a valid review. Save for this part.

    I will update the forum / review later. So other users do not get caught out like i did.

    You really wont and here’s why: you’re trying to use the review to get a refund. That’s not cool or appropriate for this forum.

    I have flagged your account temporarily. That just means that your post will need to be approved and @ notifications from you will not work. It also means you can’t edit this review.

    If you need support then contact the author on their site. I have closed your support topic as well. That author cannot support you here as they are not allowed to. This is what I wrote in that topic.

    For pro or commercial product support please contact the author directly on their site. This includes any pre-sales topics as well.

    As the author is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums. I am sure they will have no problem supporting you there.

    There are no customers here, just opensource users of code. There are no companies here, just people who have contributed their opensource code and time. Commercial, pro, refund conversations have no place in these forums.

    The one exception is reviews. When a plugin or theme upsells either here or in the user’s dashboard then that feedback is permitted.

    This review is feedback and it will be allowed to remain. Any of the author’s customers for the “pro” or services related to this plugin are invited to leave a review related to this plugin, premium or not.

    I am going to give the author @phoeniixx an opportunity to reply here then I am going to close this review as well. That conversation just is not for here.

    If you or anyone else needs to contact the moderators about this then you can do so via the Slack #forums channel.

    To use that channel you need a Slack account. You can obtain one via these instructions.


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