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    i’m using Slideshow Satellite Pro on a clients website that insists on having a few large (100+ photos) galleries.

    This results, obviously, in slow loading times even though preloading is enabled (what exactly will it preload, only the next images or the thumbnails too?).

    It takes quite a while on slower connections to load all of the thumbnails so it’d be nice to always only load the first few (visible) thumbnails + those that are going to be visible once the right arrow is clicked…

    Is there a way to achieve exactly that in the current version of SSP or is such a way of preloading planned?

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    100+ is sooooo big!!!!!

    The preload could definitely use an overhaul.

    One thing I might suggest, since you’re premium, is splitting up the images into multiple galleries if possible (realizing your client might have a problem with this) but you can show multiple galleries on a single page pretty easily with
    [satellite gallery=12,14,43,54,21]
    That will help the loading time a lot on the page.

    I’ll look at making some update to the preloader for the upcoming 1.4 release. If you haven’t tried the latest Responsive Beta on the Members Section it’s definitely worth checking out!

    Yes, i know – but he insists on having such large galleries (there’s one with around 200 pictures planned but has been scrapped as of now due to problems with the slideshow)..

    Anyways, seems my membership has expired sometime back and so i can’t try the Beta.. However, i’m looking forward to the 1.4 update (any timeframe?)

    Thanks & best regards

    Plugin Author cpres


    I’m really close to the new release at this point. Let’s say next Tuesday. I’ve been adding new features that I’ve wanted for quite sometime! 🙂

    That sounds good – i’m looking forward to it 🙂

    Plugin Author cpres


    I’ve totally revamped preloading! get ready for version 2.0! I’m all done with it, just doing final testing, and figuring out a problem with my hosting company btw


    Well, nice try but didn’t help – only noticeable change is that now no images are shown until all of them have been loaded (opposed to at least showing one maximized and a few thumbnails, having to wait for the rest to be able to navigate)..

    Does it make a difference if the pro-folder is from an old plugin-version before 2.0? (If it does i’ll somehow have to convince my client paying again for something he already paid).

    Two more things:

    – ever since 1.1.4 the /pro/ directory should’ve survived upgrades, never worked, not even this time

    – You still have 1.3.5 as version on the configuration page

    Plugin Author cpres


    Before 0 images preloaded, now 5 do. If it’s taking a real long time it’s probably due to the large sizing of your images, what image size are you at?

    The preloading doesn’t matter for getting the latest premium edition, but if you want Watermarking for your image uploads then you’d want to repay for the latest premium update.

    So you lost your /pro/ directory? Do you see it in your /uploads/slideshow-satellite/ directory? That’s where it gets moved back and forth from to keep it safe from automatic updates.

    Plugin Author cpres


    Alright, your comment made me relook at how I was doing the preloading, which I’ve improved for 2.0.1. Now on start it will only load the first image, and the first 20 thumbnails. The rest will load as the site allows right afterwards.

    For extra customization, the # of preloaded images can be set in config (Premium only feature!)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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