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  • Hi,

    I get the following in Google PageSpeed for astra.woff

    Consider using <link rel=preload> to prioritize fetching resources that are currently requested later in page load.

    What exactly does this font do? The way it is right now it’s slowing down my site by 2-3 seconds.
    Can you please fix this?

    Thank you!

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  • In the Custom Layouts module from Astra Pro
    – I inserted the code <link rel=”preload” href=”wp-content/themes/astra/assets/fonts/astra.woff” as=”font” type=”font/woff” crossorigin> in the header.php in the Code Editor,
    – Selected Hooks layout
    What action do I choose?

    …and what is the exact code I need to type into the Code Editor?

    Hi @blazingsaddles6,

    As mentioned in the Forum Guidelines, this forum is intended to help the Astra free users, so you might consider reaching out to us through our Support Portal for any queries related to Astra Pro.

    Kind regards,
    Herman 🙂

    go to your WordPress dashboard- appearance- theme editor- on the right side you can see the header.php.
    There you can paste it in there
    take care

    This is still not fixed. I’m considering switching all my clients from Astra Pro as I’ve been waiting months. Most of the Pro Support team can’t even read a Google Chrome Lighthouse report.

    Hello @adamjh and others,

    Sorry for the delay in this regards as we were in the middle of some other priority tasks which caused a delay for the same.

    But please be assured this will be patched in our next update after the upcoming one.

    I hope that helps to resolve the issue soon.




    Hi there,

    I’m having the same problem. 1.68s for the load of fonts/astra.woff

    I tried the <link rel=”preload” href=”wp-content/themes/astra/assets/fonts/astra.woff” as=”font” type=”font/woff” crossorigin> solution in header.php but I still got the error.

    I’m using a child theme for Astra, if I copy header.php in child theme and add the line I can see it in source code but Lighthouse doesn’t seem to care and if I copy the line directly in astra header.php, I don’t even see it in source code.

    Any help will really be appreciated, thanks! Much better will be to add this line in Astra origin theme, no? So it will be available for everyone?

    Team Brainstorm Force


    Hi @carnets2routards,

    Please add the code on this gist to your child-theme and it should fix the issue.

    Kind regards,
    Herman 🙂

    The simple <link rel=’preload’ … > worked wonders for me, thanks!

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