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  1. jamielawrence
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi all - massive dilemma that has got me in a bit of a spin.

    Basically, my memory usage was through the roof and I apt-get the prefork module to solve it, it helped a bit, I then saw information saying switching to worker was faster, so I did this but to my horror saw my server was removing php5. I then switched back to prefork and reinstalled php5, but the problem is on my wordpress blog, http://www.fairtradeipswich.co.uk, when you try to click on the blog post title it treats it as a download (there are other problems too). my other blog, http://www.ecovercleaners.co.uk, won't even load as it treats the entire thing as a download link.

    Please can anyone help get me back to where I was?

    With kindest regards

    Jamie Lawrence

  2. jamielawrence
    Posted 6 years ago #

    quick update, ive switched back to prefork, reinstalled php5 and everything seems to be back to normal, is it safe to assume this or is there anything I should be doing?

    I really would appreciate a response as I'm setting a site up for a fairtrade group and it really has to be ready soon.

    Thank you.

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