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    Hi, I have a Facebook page that started to post in multiple languages, i.e. multiple languages are available in a single post. Is there a way to create a feed in Flow Flow with a preferred language specified?

    I’d like to create multiple feeds, each with a different preferred language.
    I’ll appreciate any help.

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    I modified the plugin code in order to achieve what I needed. I had to pass the locale parameter in the HTTP calls to Facebook; also I got to have each localized feed managed separately in cache.

    I’d like to see localization of feeds soon officially implemented by the developer.

    Btw, thank you for this great plugin!


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    Hello, could you please contact us http://go.social-streams.com/help and share your solution so we can consider this feature implementation? Thank you!

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    Sure man! I’ve just sent you a message on your contact form.

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