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    I just installed Preference lite on my new site last week, thanks for making a beautiful and easily adaptable theme. My site’s color scheme is green.

    The issue is I cant change the following from blue to green, my site is Peri’s Spice Ladle

    – the blue line under the right sidebar title stays ‘blue’ but I need it to be green, just cant find a place to change it (the blue links under the line are just there to match that blue line, the issue is only the line.)

    – the links under ‘recent posts’ in the sidebar show up as ‘some blue and some grey’ although they are all set to blue.

    – In the footer, the links color stays ‘white’ although my settings are different (hence the green background in the footer.)

    I also have a question:

    – How do I change my entire site’s font style, color and size to a different one of my choice.

    I’m really new to CSS and other code-stuff but willing to learn as required.


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    For the blue line, this is the default colour for widgets for the Lite version. My Pro version offers multiple colours and even though part of the css from the Pro is in the Lite version, you will have to modify the css manually for the Lite version (preferably using a child theme…which I have available from my site’s tutorials on this theme).

    The style in question is found in the theme’s style.css around line 986 and looks like this:

    /* Module style 1 */
    .modline-outer {
    	border-top:1px solid #78a5b6;
    	border-bottom:1px solid #78a5b6;
    .modline-inner {

    That bluish colour is the #78a5b6 that you see above in the code.

    For the Links under “Recent Posts”, they are not blue but a grey. What colour did you want those links to be?

    For the Footer links, same question, what colour did you want the links?

    Font type, size, etc, are done partly from the style.css and from the theme’s customizer. Colour of text for your main content is from the customizer which right now your’s is set to black #000000. For the font family and the base size, this is in the style.css around line 63 and looks like this:

    html {
    	font-size: 100%;
    	font-family: "PT Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    Font size is done from many places so it’s a case of looking for all the font-size: within the style.css file. But the base size is in the code I just posted above at 100% which should equal 16px. My theme also uses rem values which are relative sizing. So any text using the rem attribute instead of px, will be relative to the html size of 100% as noted above. Here is a good tool for converting sizes:

    But, for the main content area, the styling is found just below the html one above around line 68 and looks like this:

    body {
    		font-size: 0.813rem;

    A little side note for helping you learn CSS…I bookmarked this myself and use it many times:

    Thank you so much all this information. I’m going to sift through it step by step starting with the handy tutorial links:)

    About the links under recent post, they can either be all grey or all blue. I’m lost on why the first two links are blue and then the rest are all grey!

    Truly appreciate all your help and thanks once again for creating a beautiful theme…

    Have a great day

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    You’re very welcome.

    Regarding the links…First two that you said or any that show as blue means you’ve clicked on them before and is what is called a “Visited” link. No one else will see it but the person who clicked on them previously.

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    Hello…It’s been about 3 days so I just wanted to find out if everything is going ok now? If so, is it safe to say this topic is closed as solved?

    Hi…yes, we can consider this resolved. Although please leave the thread so I can refer to it as required. Thanks for all your help here!

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    You’re very welcome… and not a problem, the threads stay in place. Thanks.

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