[resolved] pre_option_siteurl Not Being Honored (1 post)

  1. cmarshall
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Okay, this is driving me nuts.

    I have a VERY simple plugin that I use to coerce the siteurl into a local one for local testing.

    However, when I register the filters to change the URI, nothing happens.

    If I add the_content, with the same function, it works, but get_option_siteurl and pre_option_siteurl do not work.

    Below is the entire text of the plugin (I said it was simple). Any idea why these filters don't seem to be getting registered?

    Plugin Name: test_localhosts
    Plugin URI: http://example.com/
    Description: Makes things local, for testing.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Example
    Author URI: http://www.example.com
    function test_localhosts( $ret )
        if ( preg_match ( '|10\.211\.55\.2|', $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] ) )
            $ret = "";
        elseif ( preg_match ( '|127\.0\.0\.1|', $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] ) || preg_match ( '|localhost|', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) )
            $ret = "http://localhost/~cmarshall/example.com/public_html/main";
        return $ret;
    add_filter ( 'pre_option_url', 'test_localhosts' );
    add_filter ( 'pre_option_home', 'test_localhosts' );
    add_filter ( 'pre_option_siteurl', 'test_localhosts' );

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