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  • For some reason, my title page is no longer accurate. The original title was the website name, with the tagline afterwards : website title | tagline.

    At that time, I was using Cruxstore theme, and the author of said theme added a few plugins. After I activated the slider revolution, any product page I edited, would then be the main title page, ALTHOUGH the url nevere deviated from what it is. To correct this, I changed each edited page to ‘pending’. The page was still visible under the ‘products’ nav tab.

    I have since deacrivated the theme, switched to a WooCommerce theme, ‘Storefront’.

    I have deleted the Cruxstore theme from WP, and deactivated/deleted slider.

    I changed the permalink to use the basic plain version, yet the page now appears on the shop page, which is fine, except that the title page doesn’t show the actual website name and tagline like it previously did.

    My WP is now updated to the current 5.0. I have not noticed any problems or issue, which is great.

    All of my plugins are updated.

    I have not yet cleared cache, and I suppose that is needed to clear out. I will send this out, clear cache, and report back to confirm status.

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  • Hi 👋🏼

    I’m slightly confused by your question (it’s early and I’m not caffeinated enough). My assumption is that your issue is the page titles not displaying how they used to? And this started before your update to 5.0? If so, what had changed when this started to occur?

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