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    1. In presentation of codes in the pre-tag and / or code-tag, the content shifts.
    2. links set in the Li-Tag are not forwarded to the URL by clicking on them.
    3. pictures with picture inscription, thus in [ caption ] the picture takes place in full size representation.

    Good day!

    The plug-in “Expand Tabs” is suitable for displaying a variety of different content. The pro version offers variable designs. In and of itself, the free version does what matters. Therefore, it is appropriate here as always: to express appreciation to the expert of the plug-in and wish for success!

    Now for the subject of the ticket:

    In the tab with normal text results in the representation of longer codes. From here, the tab often fails. This happens in the pre-tag as well as in the code-tag. And it does not matter if it’s a code or a continuous string of letters. This is because the number of characters exceeds the width of the content. This manifests itself on the right side cut off text. In addition, the smaller the screen, for example, on the handy, the more. The displeasure is also evident in the test environment.

    links set in the Li-Tag are not forwarded to the URL by clicking on them.

    Pictures in [caption] are in wrong size representation. As a result, the image of the tab in question and the text is shifted to the right and cut off.

    With thanks for your attention and the hope of correction, I remain in greeting

    with a hello


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  • Hi, Ditmar,

    Thank you for explaining the issues so clearly.

    I have checked the three issues. These are occurring here too.

    The pre-tag and the code-tag work if they are added using the ‘Text‘ part of the editor. Yes, the issue occurs if the code is longer than the tab width.

    Yes, the issue is occurring here too. Because there is a code targeting the ‘li-tag>a‘ to add a class, etc. It should be fixed.

    Yes. It will be fixed in the next version surely.

    It is a long time since the plugin was created. We could not update it for a long time because of being busy with other projects.

    It is to inform that we are rebuilding the plugin newly with new UI dashboard and framework. The dev team is adding more advanced features to the new plugin.

    Check the backend of the next version →

    So, all the issues will be fixed in the next version of the plugin surely. And, it will be released within a few weeks.

    If you need the issues to be fixed now, you can contact us → here

    Thank you very much.

    Hi @wegerl,

    Recently, we have brought a major update to the plugin. We have added a lot of features and a new UI dashboard. All the issues are fixed properly.

    To get the best performance, please update your plugin to the latest version(2.0.0).

    We love to hear feedback.
    Thank you.


    ‘Expand Tabs lite’ is called since the update to version 2.0.0 (21.09.19) ‘WP Tabs’. With the update to version 2.0.0, the creation of the tabs is now possible directly in the plug-in’s own editor. Thus, you have practically integrated the entire Pro in the free version. However, without activation of the features for Pro.

    From a technical point of view, it will not be possible to solve these problems in any other way. But the search engines cannot crawl the text of the tabs to be inserted via short code. So if you want to insert your text directly into the WP editor post, you can use the shortcodes of the tab version to extend it:

    [tr_tabs] [ir_item id = “1” title = “Tab title”] Inhalt des Tab-Elements … [/ ir_item] [ir_item id = “2” title = “Tab title”] Inhalt des Tab-Elements … [/ ir_item ] [ir_item id = “3” title = “Tab title”] Inhalt des Tab-Elements … [/ ir_item] [/ tr_tabs]

    This is recommended for normal use. But in the WP editor only the short number can be called, which is possible by creating the content directly in the editor of the plugin. We therefore ask the programmer of the plugin to enable the integration of the above shortcode directly via the WP editor.

    Hoping I’m right, I’ll close with a thank you.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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