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    My apologies, first, if this is already posted elsewhere. I didn’t know what search keyword combo would help me find an answer… so I’m just asking anew.

    Here’s the question… I’m a relative WordPress newbie. So when noticed the calendar option on the “Write posts” page, I was thrilled. I figured, this means I can write a post and then pick a date on the calendar for it to be automatically published… yes?

    So I spent an hour or two picking out content of mine to publish, and gave each a date and time. Then I saved the posts as “unpublished” but with those dates in the calendar. It seemed good to go, but I just noticed that the first in the series never went up. I had to go in and hit “publish” manually.

    Am I misunderstanding this feature… or possibly doing something wrong? Maybe there’s a plugin that would make it easier. All I want to do is write the posts in advance and then have WordPress pop them into place automatically, per the date and time I select.

    Any tips much appreciated.

    John F.

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  • Jeremy Clark



    You need to Publish the articles with the future date for them to show up on the date you specify.

    Thanks Jeremy,

    Resolved with your help… and then undone by the installation of the 2.7 upgrade, which was unable to publish the posts on the schedule…. until I discovered that the “wp-visitors” plugin was shutting it down.

    Once I deactivated that plugin, however, it worked as promised. Much appreciated for the reply. By the way, for anyone who stumbles across this, I’ve also discovered that the “wp-sticky” plugin is incompatible with 2.7.


    I am also facing this problem. Any scheduled posts are not working on my blog. I read all the stuff provided on this form. but not able to get solution. Even I post same in a new topic : (sorry for duplication)

    I am facing this problem only after updating 2.7. Earlier it was working fine for me.

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