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    Hi, I’ve been playing around with this plugin over the past day and had some questions:

    1) Using a mail checker on a localhost version, it looks like when someone replies to an ad and an email is sent out, it only sends the message body to the ad creator. It does not send the email of the person who replied to the ad, thus they do not know who is contacting them about the ad and cannot reply. Why is this? It seems to defeat the entire purpose of a classified site. Is there a way for the email to be sent out as well?

    2) If I get the woocommerce addon, can I allow people to buy multiple listings instead of just one at a time? It seems quite inconvenient for someone to pay for every listing each time. For instance, it would be nice if they could buy a package of 10 listing credits. Then they could use those listing all at once or it would remember their credits based on their account.

    3) Is there an easy way to have filters for the search bar? If not is there a plan to add this in? I cannot think of many type of sites more suited for search bar filtering such as: By Alphabet, By Price, By Date, By Category than a classified site.

    4) What file would I have to dig into in order to change the “Send Message” button to say “Inquire About This Ad” or something along those lines? Alternatively, where to go in order to be able to hardcode some text directly above that button? Perhaps some h3 font saying “Inquire About This Listing”?

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  • Plugin Author Greg Winiarski


    1. this is just a default email template WPAdverts is sending, if you want to you can customize it using adverts_contact_form_email filter

    For example if you add the code below in your theme functions.php then the email will include an email address of the person who is trying to contact the Ad owner

    add_filter( "adverts_contact_form_email", "contact_form_email", 10, 3 );
    function contact_form_email( $mail, $post_id, $form ) {
        // Include Advert price and location at the end of message
        $mail["message"] .= "\r\n---\r\n";
        $mail["message"] .= $form->get_value( "message_email" );
        return $mail;

    Also, please note that while the email address is not in the message, when the user will click “Reply” button in his email client he will send a reply to email address provided in the “Email” field in the contact form, as WPAdverts is setting the Reply-To header in the message.

    2. i am thinking about such feature (in fact i wanted to add it by the end of this year, but had not enough time to finish it), but unfortunately right now it is not available and users would need to pay for each Advert separately.

    3. by filtering do you mean sorting the Ads? If so then this is possible by default you can use the adverts_list shortcode as

    [adverts_list allow_sorting="1"]

    then in search bar (in the bottom left corner you should see a sorting drop down).

    4. you will find it in wpadverts/addons/contact-form/contact-form.php file, but i would discourage changing anything in original files as your changes will be overwritten on WPAdverts update, instead i would suggest:

    – The text you can change using a plugin like Say What?
    – Some additional content you can add above the contact form by adding the code below in your theme functions.php file

    add_action( "adverts_tpl_single_bottom", "my_adverts_tpl_single_bottom", 5 );
    function my_adverts_tpl_single_bottom( $post_id ) {
        echo "<h3>Inquire About This Ad</h3>";
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