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  • So I am leaning toward giving MLS a try. My alternative would be WPML. I am already running multisite and domain mapping.

    My understanding is that the key differentiations of
    WPML are
    – more shared stuff (though it seems like media is shared in your paid version?)

    and the key differentiations of MLS are the abilities to:
    – uninstall the plugin or shut down a site version without having vestigial stuff in the database
    – “cleaner” in that it is using more core features
    – the ability to use multiple tld’s and multisite at the same time (for some reason wpml won’t do this)

    Am I missing anything important?

    Use case:
    – I am building a site from the ground up.
    – It will be a .com in English and a in Portuguese
    – I will probably write the site in English and have my partners translate it
    – The site will serve up rows of data by categories (it is somewhere between a coupon-ing site and a very basic e-commerce site)
    – I am probably going to build the database in TablePress since that is what I am familiar with though would be happy to entertain other suggestions. I know TablePress has been tested now with Qtranslate, but don’t plan to go that way. Ideally I could just share a table between site versions and just reference different colums of the table for different sites. This way links and numbers would only be entered once and I would have the table data side by side for more rapid translation.

    Anyone see any holes in my plan?

    Would you go with WPML or MLS?

    With MLS is it easy to migrate to the Pro version? Will it automatically delete duplicate pictures? I don’t want to pay for a plugin before I know if it works and my site is ready to be launched (i.e., hate paying to just test out a concept), but don’t want to have to do a lot of work to switch later.


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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    There is no “pro” version of the Multisite Language Switcher so I’m not sure if we are talking about the same plugin.

    My plugin does not share media-files with the other blogs in the network. In my opinion this is no problem in smaller projects. I would not say that this is ideal but larger websites use in a lot of cases cloud-storage-solutions and this changes everything again…

    Of course I use my plugin for multilingual sites but if you just want to map your domains to your multisite you should use the “WordPress MU Domain Mapping”-plugin ( There is no need for any multilingual plugin for this step.

    The next logical step is going to create relations between all of the contents in the multilingual blog-network. And this does the Multisite Language Switcher very good, I think.

    If you want to use TablePress you could ask the author what he thinks about this. I know that Tobias Bäthge knows the Multisite Language Switcher very good because he helped me a lot with testing my code.


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