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    A simple pre-sale question to undertand when a multivendor system for non professional vendors will be again available.
    Paypal discontinued Paypal Adaptive and now is not possible anymore for new sites to open Paypal Adaptive apps.
    Stripe Connect standard is limited to professional vendors (its form and its policy are clear). Indeed in its registration form (connect to stripe button) Stripe asks a VAT number and the minimum required is an association entity (also non profit). The only way to use with non professional vendors is to create a plugin that handle Stripe custom profiles, that is not out of the box e requires custom coding.
    For new users like me interested in buying a multivendor solution, but don’t want the limit to open the market only to professional vendors, do you have any alternative to what Paypal adaptive WAS offering? When it will be included in your multivendor plugin?

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  • Great question –
    I would also like to know please
    As I already have this configured,
    1 – Can WCVendors please tell me whether I will still be able to use this config on my site
    2 – Do they know if paypal have any plans to deprecate the Paypal Adaptive

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    Paypal HAS depreciated Adaptive payments in October last year. They did not notify their customers using it or the developers (me) writing integrations. They just depreciated it. This means instant (parallel payments) and scheduled (masspay) will go away at some point. Existing accounts still seem to work, for now. There is no instant payment replacement except for PayPal marketplace, which is an complex application process and not available widely like Adaptive payments were. Masspay has a replacement called Paypal Payouts and I have a planned integration for this.

    Only the marketplace needs to have the business stripe account. Vendors can just have a standard stripe account. Connect requires you have a business and to be honest running a marketplace without setting up a business structure even if its non profit is not a good idea.



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    Hi @digitalchild and thank you for your reply.
    I agree that marketplaces’ owner must have a business structure.
    Unfortunately the sign up form served to vendors after they press “connect to stripe” button force vendors to specify what kind of business they are running and in which state, the description of their business activity, the headquarter of their business, and their website.
    I don’t think it fits non professional vendors and I don’t like Stripe policies.

    Thank you anyway,

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