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    Hi there,

    Basically we are looking for a solution for one of our clients sites that we currently have in development. The site requires a front-end user system which is going to be mainly based around user-levels & content restriction, with a few extras. We do have access to some more intense back-end developers, where as we are more front-end designers, so basically were looking around for plug-ins that will either, do this job solely, or be able to be modified to do exactly what we want it to do.

    Could you let me know if your plugin would be able to achieve what were looking for, i have copied the user system brief for this job below for a more detailed explanation of what is required, its quite long but outlines pretty much everything.

    We obviously want to find out as much as we can before we start purchasing lisences and out-sourcing back-end developers,


    The website will have the following four primary user groups
    1. general public
    2. stakeholders (registered users)
    3. clinical staff (registered user)
    4. board / governing body (registered user)

    Certain pages and areas of the website will be available only to one or more of the user groups listed above, as detailed below:

    The general public can access all areas of the website apart from the following:
    – The downloads page with in the events section
    – The entire clinical area
    – The archines pages within the library & resources section
    – the stakeholder, clinical and the board blog page within the get in touch section
    – the surveys page within the get in touch section

    The stakeholders can access all areas of the wbsite except for the following:
    – the downloads page within the events section
    – the entire clinical area
    – the archives pages within the library & resources section
    – the clinical and board bog page within the get in touch section

    The clinical staff can access all areas of the website except the following:
    – the downloads page within the events section
    – the archives pages within the library & resources section, excluding the locality minutes pages
    – the board blog page within the get in touch section

    The board / governing body can access all areas of the website

    As shown above, there are 4 main types of users. When any user types in the main website URL (index) they will land on the main public-facing page. Any registered user (either a stakeholder, clinical staff, board / governing body member) can then click onthe login button found in the left sidebar and be directed to the main login page.

    When a website administrator creates a new registered user in the back0end using the CMS, they will have to choose which type of user group(s) the user belongs to. This will be done by checking one of more of the 3 following tick boxes
    – Stakeholder
    – Clinical staff
    – Board / Governing body member

    A user can belong to one or more user groups, as its possible that a gp (clinical staff) could also be on the board / governing body. The user that is created now has access rights to all content and pages for that particular user group (s)

    The system will need to alow the administrator to choose which landing page the new user gets automatically directed to after logging in. So, most clinical staff will be redirected to clinical staff home page after logging in as this will be the area of the website they will most frequently visit. If a GP is also on the board / governing body, they could be directed to that area’s homepage or the clinical staff homepage, depending on which area they expect to visit more often.

    All 3 registered user groups will have full access to the content that is available to the general public.

    In order to aid usability, there is a requirement for the 3 registered areas above to utilize a colour-coding system so that registered users instantly know which area of the website they are in.


    The website has an additional requirement that needs to be explained in detail as follows:

    When a website administrator creates a new piece of content, (for example a news article for the latest news page), they require the ability to assign which area of the website the article is for (and therefore the type of registered user that can access it.)

    So, if a news article is created for teh general public, the administrator simply applies the the ‘general public’ catagory to the article, and it becomes available to everyone.

    Alternatively, if the administrator creates a news article for the clinical staff only, they apply the ‘clinical staff’ category to the article and it is visible to just the clinical staff user group.

    The crucial factor to highlight here is that there will only be one Latest News page, but the news articles it shows will be dependant on the user type that is viewing them. The website requires the ability for multiple pages to work this way. For example, all pages within the events section may need to work like this.

    Looking at this from the users’s perspective, its straightforward to assume that all members of the public can only access articles that have been assigned to the ‘general public’ category. However, all registered users will have access to multiple category types of articles, so they will require tge ability to distinguish which category type each article is.

    Therefore, the website will need to display a multiple tick-box filtering option which is visible on these page types to all registered users. So if a GP (clinical staff member) that also happens to be on the board / governing body, is looking at the News page, they will see 3 different categories of news stories on the page: General public, Clinical Staff and Board / Governing Body. They will therefore need the ability to show or hide each category of article. For example, they may wish to just view the clinical staff and board / governing body categories.

    Futhermore the website requires the ability for the adminstrator to select the user’s default category, so that, for example, when a clinical staff member logs into the site and visits the ‘latest news’ page it defaults to displaying the clinical staff news articles, whilst allowing the user to also show articles from any other category that they have access rights to.

    Detailed eplanation on Stakeholder’s pages

    Any member of the public who lives in the ********** area can apply to become a stakeholder. Once they are approved by the website administrator(s), they are given login details which enables them to access the stakeholder area of the website.
    The stakeholder area will require its own homepage, which all users of that group will be automatically redirected to after login. The stakeholder area will require its own twitter feed in the right sidebar, along with its own welcome text. There will also be additional pages available in the stakeholder area. In addition to this, stakeholders will be able to post a news story that appears in the stakeholder area after it has been approved by a moderator / website administrator. Furthermore, the stakeholder area requires the ability to install surveys via Survey Monkeys,.
    Its important that stakeholders have a sense of ownership of their area of the website.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this (if you did), and i look forward to possibly hearing from you.

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  • Hi @tomdavis12,

    Sorry it’s taken so long to spot this post. I’ve just been assigned to tidy up our support pages here on and I spotted your post.

    Before I go into a long answer… can I just check that you do still need an answer and that you haven’t already foudn the details you are looking for elsewhere?

    If you do need an answer I’m happy to oblige.

    Hey there, as the thread was still open I thought I’d check in.

    If you do still need some assistance then please feel free to get in touch. For now I’ll mark this resolved.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

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