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    I would like to ask if it is possible to control at the back end the action to send or not a responding mail after form submission to the submitter on one by one basis.
    For example I would like to check first personally the data submitted and then release the mail to be sent for this specific submission.

    Thank you and best regards,


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  • Hi Vassilis,

    It is an option to conditionally send emails in the Pro version of Formidable. I believe that would work for what you need.

    If you have additional questions about this, it would be great if you could post in our help desk:

    I too have a pre-sale question, in that I haven’t purchased the product yet, but only have played with the free version. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact the help desk unless you have purchased something. I have tried several times to register on their site, with no success. I googled Formidable Forms forums, and the one that Formidable Forms used to have is no longer active. Then I went to Facebook, and saw that someone else was asking a question, and the reply was to please stop asking support questions on Facebook.

    Hopefully Ms Wahin reads this. I put my question in another forum in WordPress, but here it is: I have a yoga studio, and want to create a form that allows users to register for one or more yoga classes. I want my form to do 2 things:
    1. be able to download the entries such that the classes appear as separate fields in the spreadsheet. (I tried radio buttons, but the yoga class options are all showing up in one field.) I want this feature so that I can give each teacher a list of their students for that particular class, along with some student contact information.
    2. be able to calculate totals so that if someone registers for several classes, it will tell them the total price they will have to pay.

    Will I be able to do that, and if so, what version will I need to purchase?


    Plugin Author Steph Wells


    It sounds like you could do all of this with Formidable Pro.

    Can you tell me what trouble you were having with registering on our site?

    Okay, here is what I did:

    I went to: https://formidablepro.com/

    I scrolled to the bottom and found the link “Contact”

    When I clicked on it, I was expecting to see an email address, phone number, snail mail address, etc.

    Instead, I was sent to the following page: https://formidablepro.com/new-topic/

    The page is asking for a username and password, but it says:

    If you have a Pro account, please log in to receive support. If you do not log in with a paid account, your support will be limited to possible bugs in the free version and will be given lower priority than those who have paid for support. To post in the help desk without a paid account, please sign up first.

    And then, at the bottom it says:

    Your support term is expired. Your support will be limited to possible bugs unless you renew your support.

    I try the link “renew your support” first. Support asks for your user name and password. [sigh!]

    So, instead, I go to the top of the form where it says “Log In” I click on that.

    It asks for a user name and password, but … aha! There is a link that says “Register.” Woo-hoo! That’s it!

    But when I click on that, it says:
    Not found, error 404
    The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return back to the site’s homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Or, you can try finding it by using the search form below.

    That is what I did. Did I do something wrong?

    Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Did you fill out the form you saw on the new topic page? That form is for creating a new account.

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