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  • sorry, but that isn’t available at the moment; but if you can code in php this is possible.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    somebody submitted this to me a while ago, still untested, but may help:

    // this filter adds the logic to the SQL query to take the postcode and compare it to the lat / lng of the location.
    add_filter( 'em_events_build_sql_conditions', 'my_em_scope_conditions',1,2);
    function my_em_scope_conditions($conditions, $args){
    	if( !empty($args['postcode']) ){
    	$base_url = "[your google key here]";
        $request_url = $base_url . "&q=" . urlencode($args['postcode']);
        $xml = simplexml_load_file($request_url);
        $status = $xml->Response->Status->code;
        if (strcmp($status, "200") == 0) {
          // Successful geocode
          $geocode_pending = false;
          $coordinates = $xml->Response->Placemark->Point->coordinates;
          $coordinatesSplit = split(",", $coordinates);
          // Format: Longitude, Latitude, Altitude
          $lat = $coordinatesSplit[1];
          $lng = $coordinatesSplit[0];
    	$conditions['scope'] = " (3956 * 2 * ASIN(SQRT(POWER(SIN(('".$lat."' - abs(location_latitude))*pi()/180/2),2) + COS('".$lat."' * pi()/180) * COS(abs(location_latitude) * pi()/180) * POWER(SIN(('".$lng."' - location_longitude) * pi()/180/2),2))) < '".$radius."')";	
    	return $conditions;

    How To Safely Add PHP Code To WordPress

    Marcus, thanks for this. I’m not a coder but I will give it a try.

    Any chance of implementing something like this in the near future?


    BTW, where should I put this code?

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    NetWebLogic Support

    It needs to go in the functions.php file of your theme.

    I added the code but don’t see anything different. What should I be looking for? I don’t see a widget and/or zip code search field on Events page.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    good point, that part hasn’t been added. you would need to add that yourself, but you’re looking to add the postcode field to your search e.g. [events_list postcode=”x”]

    check this tutorial out, maybe that’ll help –

    @marcus, as you know, I just purchased the PRO upgrade and look forward to using it.

    I am commissioning a developer to create the zip code search widget and shortcode for your plugin right now and it should be done hopefully soon so I look forward to integrating that into my own site as well.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Marcus



    you may want to look at this, because it turns out the code above is using outdated google APIs, we’re working on some alternatives:

    Hi Marcus, I’m looking at buying the pro version as need the ticket purchasing option, but would also be very interested in searching for events near a zip/postcode – ideally with a 10, 20, 50, 100 mile radius.

    Have you got any closer with the alternatives? Is it something you are looking to include in a future update?

    Many thanks.

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl



    we are already working on this and will update you once done.

    Fantastic, any idea of a time line?


    Plugin Author Marcus


    no exact eta’s, sorry

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