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  • I am trying to install WordPress in our hosted web server. Already asked our hosting provider about compatibility issues with PhP, MySQL and Apache versions and was assured that there is no problem.

    Using phpMyAdmin, I checked and found a database named in our account. But it says that we don’t have privileges to create a new database, which is required for the blog installation (as specified in the detailed instructions). The technical support staff also told me that we can have as many tables as we want but they all have to be in the same database.

    How do I go about this now?

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    Use the database that you already have access to.

    Follow macmanx advice, but also see this:

    Since you have a database, skip down to Step 3.

    when I install in my domain using cpanel, it creates a database using part of the name of my domain as a prefix. for example domain creates mysql db with a prefix of drivein. So a wp install creates drivein_wpx the x being the number of that db.

    It wont let me create one starting with ‘wordpress’, says it already exists.

    Just to be on the safe side, does this mean I don’t need to create a separate database — or a table in the database — for WordPress? So what do i provide for db_name, db_user, db_password and db_host in Step 3 if I skipped Step 2?

    The database can have any name. It doesn’t need to be “wordpress”.

    When you run the install in WordPress, it creates the tables for you in the database.

    db_name: database name
    db_user: username for accessing database
    db_password: password for username for accessing database


    db_host: the server name (i.e. host) for the MySQL server. Often just “localhost” works, but if not you’ll need to get the server name to use from your provider.

    Thanks a lot… =)

    btw, the existing database for our hosted account is named pcijor. Do I just append the same name?

    Depending upon the hosting solutions you choose, there is a limit to the number of MySQL dbs that you can have. My older plan allowed me only one. That said I could still run WordPress and some other apps using the same (only) db, but segregating the db by table prefixes for different apps, there by keeping the data clean and identifiable.

    You could use a prefix like wp_ for all your tables there by distinguishing them as WordPress related tables, and if you plan to use other apps like say phpbb or refer (for example), you could call them by using table prefixes like phpbb_ and refer_ .

    Do pay attention to this detail though. Since the default is so fast that you’ll wonder where you missed setting this =)

    Are you saying I shouldn’t use the name of the existing database as the db_name for the WordPress installation?

    WordPress allows you to use a prefix, which you can change. All your tables in one database get the prefix you set in wp-config.php. This way you can put more than one wordpress blog in the same database, by setting different prefixes for different blogs.

    Yes you can use the existing name (that’s the only option if you cannot have more than one db). Just ensure that the table prefix is wp_ (as shown below):

    $table_prefix = 'wp_';

    Let’s say you want to have another blog on your site using the same db, ensure that this time the table prefix is something like:

    $table_prefix ='wp2_';

    or any other name to distibguish other than that you’ve already used in your database.

    Now I’m really confused. I went ahead using the existing database name for the db_name, supplied a username and password and left localhost as db_host. But I got this error message:

    Error establishing a database connection

    Help please!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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