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  • Hi, David,

    First, let me say that since I discovered Caldera Forms, my life isn’t the same! 🙂

    I have a question. Did you think that it’s possible to have a form with some fields pre filled with some data coming from another form? I know that it’s not easy to understand, so let me give you a use case.

    Let’s say that I’m working on a hotel website. In the home page, I want to have a form with just two datepickers (date of arrival / departure), and a submit button. When the user fills the form and hit submit, the page redirects to a booking page, where I have a full “booking request” form. This form has the same datepickers as well, but already filled with the user input at the home page form.

    What you say? It is possible to work on something like that?

    Thanks for any answer or advice!

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  • Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    Hi There, I’m glad that you like it!

    to answer the question, yes, easily.

    Be sure to have both forms set up.
    In the first form: click on Variables.
    Add a new variable, with start as the name and the value press % then select the start field and set the type as passback.
    Add another with end as the name, end field and as a passback as well.

    What this is doing is creating a value to be added to the URL on completion. it will be like ?name=value&… etc.

    Now click the Processors tab and add a “Redirect” processor. Give the URL to the page with the second form.
    Save form and edit the second form.

    Edit the first “Start” field and set the default as {get:start}
    Edit the second “End” field and set the default as {get:end}
    where “start” and “end” are the names given to your variables.

    And that’s it. should work fine.

    Thread Starter Diego de Oliveira


    Wow! My mind is blown! O:

    I followed your instructions, and it worked like a charm! Thanks, David!

    That’s not just the best form builder, but I think it’s one of the most powerful form system! I can think a ton of use cases for this type of feature!

    Again, thank you for your answer! And please, keep the awesome work you’re doing!

    Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    your very welcome, and thanks.

    Regarding this method.

    Is it possible to use like origin: some country | destination: some country.

    So instead of dates, we use these 2 fields similar to hotel style above, but its for moving quote.

    This possible to regular text field? ty

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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