• Hi,

    Your plugin looks fantastic and thanks for the detailed video. I have a few questions prior to using it and downloading Imgix.

    1. I have many websites with whom I do a banner exchange with. The code on their websites point to the URL of the image of the banner on my website.
    If I use your plugin with the image hosted on Amazon S3 (or Imgix) and the URL of the image in the WordPress library changes to reflect this, how will this affect the banners that are on the exchange websites above that are pointing to the original image URLs?

    2. I currently use Kraken.io to optimise my images after they are uploaded to the WordPress library.
    Is this what Imgix does with image optimisation? Does it do in on the fly?

    3. My website allows users to upload images on the frontend and I love how you have integrated Imgix’s image editing functions into your plugin.
    Is it possible to have your plugin function on the frontend to allow users to ‘position’ their images for cropping (and also the editing functions)?

    4. I read in another thread that if we use Imgix with your plugin, that we will be required to use Imgix’s CDN and we will be unable to use any other CDN?
    Is this correct?

    Thank you in advance.

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