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  • I want to flush out the history of my blog with a series of news posts that are old news.

    I want to date these posts according to when the events happened, so I’ll edit the Publish date before posting and set it to the correct old date.

    My question is, will this trigger the RSS publication of these posts (since they are new) or not (since they are from a past date)?

    I don’t want to bother my RSS subscribers with these old posts, but I do want to get them up on my site so new visitors can read the past history and also so the blog will treat them as if they were published on the date I assign to them.

    Any insights would be very helpful!!

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  • If you already have more than 10 posts on your blog (or whatever you have set in Settings > Reading > Syndication feeds show the most recent # items) then I think you’ll be ok.

    I’ve been posting backdated posts to my blog the last few days and it doesn’t look like any of the old posts are showing up in my feed.

    Aha!! Thank you, David. I have several hundred posts, so hopefully the new old ones will just be quietly buried in with the rest. Appreciate your quick reply!!

    Glad I could help. I would maybe try posting a couple just to make sure that what I said was correct before posting too many old ones, just in case I was wrong 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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